Letters to the editor | December 22, 2017

BB Harvesting employee Billy Sexton shared this great photo taken this week as the Donald-based contractors worked across Queensland, NSW and Victoria.
BB Harvesting employee Billy Sexton shared this great photo taken this week as the Donald-based contractors worked across Queensland, NSW and Victoria.

A poem to recognise the Christmas period

One can get lost in their Christmas Cheer

Family and friends, living far and near

Busyness creeps in, the days melt together

And I’m not talking about the weather!

Wrapping presents, shopping galore

Running around from store to store

Food needs preparing, lights to untangle

Put up the tree hope it doesn’t get mangled!

Then there’s the lonely, a table for one

Many don’t share in this Christmas fun

No present to open, no one at the door

Wondering, what on earth Christmas is for.

Regardless of which one, the reasons the same

Jesus was born, to this earth He came

One day doesn’t cut it….not what it’s about

It’s for change in this world, where there is so much doubt

Jesus came to bring hope, in hopeless situations

He came for mankind….all of the nations.

The sick, the well, the lonely, the lost

if only we knew how much it cost

Love came down upon this earth

you’re the reason for Christmas, you are His worth.

Shirl Hair, Horsham

Quest to return passenger rail to region continues

TONY Phelan’s letter (Titled: Bring back passenger rail, Wimmera Mail-Times, December 15) presents a studied view of the campaign to return passenger rail to Horsham. 

However, it is difficult to understand the adherence to the Ballarat leg with its change of gauge and steep gradient. 

There exists a standard gauge line all the way to Melbourne over flat terrain via Geelong – why not use it? 

The suggestion that the Ararat to Ballarat leg should be standardised at great expense is passe. Why not use that money to build in Melbourne V-Locity rolling stock to run on the standard gauge?

Ron Fischer, Horsham

The difference three wise women would make

DO YOU know what would have happened if it had been three wise women, not three wise men? 

They would have asked directions, arrived on time, helped deliver the baby, cleaned the stable, made a casserole, brought practical gifts and there would be peace on Earth. 

Libby Peucker, Burnt Creek

Regional, rural roads need some serious attention

COUNTRY Victorians don’t need a website to tell us regional and rural roads have been seriously neglected by the Andrews Government.

Labor recently announced a ‘bold plan’ for regional roads, but instead of spending money fixing country roads, Labor has spent money building a website and named it ‘country roads’.

The only ‘bold’ part of Labor’s plan is its absolute determination to ignore the needs of our country communities.

A website won’t fill a pothole.

And it doesn’t fix dangerous road edges.

Daniel Andrews is prepared to spend more than $1.3 billion not building a road in Melbourne, but he won’t invest in fixing our country roads.

Daniel Andrews is a Premier for Melbourne, not for all Victorians.

At the next election, country Victorians will have a choice. More of Labor’s neglect or a Liberal Nationals government that will bring spending back to country Victoria.

Peter Walsh, leader, The Nationals


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