Horsham West Primary School have final assembly

HORSHAM West Primary School students have participated in their last school assembly for the year.

Monday’s assembly had a Christmas theme with students wearing a range of festive hats and headwear as they celebrated the festive season.

Students who were members of the school’s orchestra performed Christmas carols as the entire school sang along. 

The prep students also had a chance to perform in front of the school.

Principal Andrew Parry said the final assembly for the year was always a great event. 

“We really enjoy our weekly assemblies. It’s great to have members from the community there as well,” he said. 

The assembly area was full, with students, parents and friends watching the performances. 

Year six students organised a questionnaire for Mr Parry and vice principal Sharon Gibbs. 

A raffle also shared the Christmas spirit. 

Mr Parry said the assembly was also a way to celebrate the graduation of the year six students. 

The new school captains of the school were also inducted at the assembly with Zahlee Mellington and Mitchell Clarke being named next year’s leaders.

Matilda Riddell and Rory Motton were named the vice captains of the school. 

“We normally have children perform the national anthem each week but Monday was an extended orchestra,” Mr Parry said. 

“We value the arts in the school and the assembly gives them a public forum to perform.”