Under-15 Horsham country week cricket 2018

Country week cricket kicked off in Horsham on Tuesday for the ten team’s competing in the under-15 carnival.

A late change in the fixtures led to games being moved away from the turf at Sunnyside to the hard wicket at Dudley Cornell but that did little to stop cricketers enjoying a good first day.


  • January 2 – Start at 9.30am

Warrnambool Gold v Mount Gambier at Horsham City Oval (Turf)

Portland v Colac  at Dudley Cornell (Turf) 

South West  v Hamilton at Taylors Lake (Hard) 

Horsham v West Wimmera at Dudley Cornell (Hard) 

Wimmera-Mallee v Warrnambool Blue Horsham College  (Hard)


  • January 3 – Start at 9.30am

Warrnambool Blue v West Wimmera at Horsham City Oval (Turf)

Mount Gambier v Wimmera-Mallee at Taylors Lake (Hard) 

Colac v South West at Dudley Cornell (Turf) 

Hamilton DCA v Warrnambool Gold at Horsham College (Hard)

Horsham v Portland at Dudley Cornell (Hard) 


  • January 4 – Start at 9.30am

Warrnambool Gold v South West at Horsham College (Hard)

Portland v Warrnambool Blue at Dudley Cornell (Hard) 

Horsham v Colac at Dudley Cornell (Turf) 

West Wimmera v Mount Gambier at Taylors Lake (Hard) 

Wimmera-Mallee v Hamilton at Horsham City Oval (Turf) 


  • January 5 – Start at 9am

Grand final to be played between first and second placed teams at at Horsham City Oval.

Remaining eight teams to face off at Dudley Cornell, Taylors Lake and Horsham College to determine final placings.