Family appeals for answers over prison death

A young man stabbed in Port Phillip Prison on New Year's Day went to jail to do his time and not to die on his cell floor, friends and family calling for answers have said.

Hassan Jeng was stabbed in the chest inside his cell in Scarborough North, a unit for at-risk prisoners, after a fight broke out about 7pm on Monday.

Six other prisoners were inside the cell at the time.

Guards found Jeng on the ground with a stab wound to his chest. The 23-year-old died in his cell.

Jeng, who was on remand accused of theft and assault offences, was from Sierra Leone and had five children.

It is believed Jeng had spoken to two of his children just half an hour before he was attacked.

"It should be a safe place," friend Godsway Atabudzi said.

"He was only in there to do his time and come out.

"We understand he committed a crime, we understand he was in jail, fine, but what happened?"

The homicide squad is investigating.

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