Search for new sunnies | A MUM'S WORLD

Wearing my fifth new set of dark glasses in a year, I feel as though someone has turned down the sun. 

Tinted polarised lenses work like a dimming switch so I can see without squinting. 

They’ve taken the edge off the dazzling light, reducing the harshness of the heat, so the world seems a much calmer place. 

I can’t see a thing without sunnies these days, and I’m always saying that. 

For a long time my youngest daughter took me at my word and believed I was actually quite blind outside unless sporting sunglasses. 

I have now explained that after never wearing eye protection in my youth, I was diagnosed with sun damaged eyes in my late twenties.

Because of this, I haven’t ventured outdoors without spectacles since.

As always, my pharmacy is my friend.

My only concern is whether I buy exactly the same style that I have just lost, broken or damaged, or put myself through the agony of trying on the dozen different options for something new, stronger or different?

My most recent loss of shades was under the cinema seat in Mildura. 

Wearing glasses into the venue in brilliant daylight, I didn’t realise they had slipped out of my bag during the movie. 

We exited in the dark and I didn’t miss my glasses until the sun came up over our caravan the next morning.

… We were already a couple of hundred kilometres away by then. 

Before that I crushed some in my apron pocket after transitioning from clothesline to kitchen sink.

Another time, I smashed a set when I fell off a high shelf and they fell off my head.

I also had several escaping screw incidents with another pair which seemed determined rebel.

I filled the gap by wearing an old pair of my husband’s sunglasses for a few days and did a bit of a Goldilocks with my three daughter’s sunnies while they were at school; Tiani’s were too cute and purple, Yasinta’s were too cool and reflective and Katianna’s were just right. 

Based on my record I figured hers would soon be history if I borrowed them at all, so I hit the shops for my new shades. 

I imagine they are quite nervous, poor things.  


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