Quantong and Horsham Saints Red to break deadline | Horsham Cricket Association C Grade 2017-18

THE deadlock between the top four teams in Horsham Cricket Association’s C Grade will be broken on Saturday as Quantong host Horsham Saints Red.

The third and fourth-placed sides have sat equal on points with Rup-Minyip and Homers for the past fortnight.

While the top four is almost locked in with three rounds to play, there is still plenty of water to go under the bridge before which sides face off against each other will be determined.

When Quantong defeated the Saints Red side in round four it was on the back of a dominant bowling display which restricted Saints Red to just 59 runs.

The Saints Red batting lineup has had greater depth to it in recent rounds despite indifferent form, while Quantong also had major difficulties when it managed just 57 against Rup-Minyip in round 12. 

Lubeck-Murtoa will face a last-ditch attempt to stay in the hunt for finals against Homers.

The Mudlarks sit three wins outside of the top four at this point of the season and cannot afford to lose a game.

A win against the second-placed Homers would allow it to stay in touch for another round.

Rup-Minyip will secure its spot in the top four if it can manage a win against Jung Tigers at Minyip Oval.

The mix of experience and youth has served the Blue Panthers well through recent rounds and should do so again against the Tigers.

The final match of the round will see Laharum clash with Colts at Laharum. Both teams are playing for pride at this point of the season.