Laharum senior football side bolstered with new signings

LAHARUM has continued to add to its senior football list ahead of the Horsham District Football Netball League season. 

James Milich, James Arratta and Cam Streeter have all signed on for Laharum, adding more depth to the squad. 

Streeter has previously played for Laharum and was named the senior side’s most consistent player in the 2016 season. He returns to the club after taking a year off to travel.

Coach Robbie Miller expected Streeter, who is his first cousin, to be playing from the backline.

“Cam is a back-flanker, he is a good user of the ball by foot if you get it into his hands. He might have a bit of a hit in the midfield too,” Miller said. 

Arratta will be travelling from Darwin to play for the Demons throughout the season. 

He has been playing alongside Miller in the Northern Territory Football League this season for Waratah in division one.

“He is a very skillful, quick young player and will add some polish around the ground. I’m pretty excited to see how he will go down here,” Miller said.

Finally, Milich, who spent most of last season playing for the Harrow-Balmoral reserves, will bring a winning culture to the Demons.

“He is mates with a few of our boys so he thought he would come on board,” Miller said.

“He is a tall guy, and it’s always good to sign tall blokes to add some height and depth to the team. He has been part of a pretty strong couple of teams down at Harrow-Balmoral, so hopefully he can bring that winning culture.”

Despite the season nearing, Miller said he was still trying to sign a couple more players before round one.

“Hopefully we can sign a couple more. It’s late in the pre-season but we are working on it,” he said.

“We’ve filled the spots we needed to in the off-season with Liam Nuske coming into the ruck and a few quicker blokes who have added to our speed. Probably a big key forward is what we desire, but coming across those blokes is pretty hard. We are pretty pleased with how we are travelling.”

Laharum kick off their season on April 7 away to Kalkee.