Wimmera Machinery Field days 2018: Tractorcade rolls through site | Photos, Video

VINTAGE tractors rolled down the main street of the Wimmera Machinery Field Days site on Tuesday.

The daily parade is run by the Dunmunkle Sumpoilers, Wheatlands Agricultural Machinery Museum and the Nhill Vintage Machinery Club.

Dunmunkle Sumpoilers president Graham Gellatly said the first Tractorcade on Tuesday went exceptionally well.

“It’s something we enjoy doing – we’ve done it before and people find it interesting,” he said.

“We didn’t run over anyone, so that’s a positive.”

Mr Gellatly said it was good to show people what farm machinery used to look like.

“It’s changed so much over the years,” he said.

Mr Gellatly said he was looking forward to continuing the parade each day of the field days at 3pm.

The tractors were from eras as early as the 1930s and as late as the 1960s.

A group of Longerenong College students also stepped in to help drive the tractors.

Mr Gellatly said it was good to see young people wanting to get involved.

“They were around the site on Monday and one guy said he was interested in old machinery, so we asked them if they wanted to drive some of the tractors,” he said.

“They were pretty keen and we are glad they stepped in.

“We need more young people involved as we aren’t getting any younger.”

Longerenong College student Stephen Gensicke drove one of the old tractors.

He said the machinery were a lot different to what they were used to today.

“They didn’t have any computers in them,” he said.

“We were at the site on Monday and the guys asked us if we wanted a job – it seemed like a good idea and it was a good experience.”