Wimmera Machinery Field Days exceeds expectations | Video


THE Wimmera Machinery Field Days attracted a diverse group of people who were eager to participate in the variety of activities on offer. 

While the site was flooded with people across the three days, day two attracted a variety of people from families, school students, couples and farmers. 

Marnoo Primary School year three student Hamish Sleep explored the field days site with his friends from school. 

Together, the students captured their experiences in a story book project. While they wandered through the field days site they captured photos on their iPads and wrote a description on each activity. 

Hamish said everything at the field days was interesting and exciting this year. However, he said the highlight of his excursion were the tractors and machines. 

“The tractors were my most favourite thing because I live on a farm,” he said. 

While Hamish has visited the field days in previous years with his father, he said it was the first time that he attended with his school. Hamish said it was fun to share this experience with his friends.

Marnoo Primary School captain Mark Abary said the field days went above and beyond his expectations.

Mark said the farm sculptures were a stand out.  

“It was so interesting to hear how people made these sculptures out of recyclable metal materials,” he said. 

Gre Gre woman Christine Ellis said it was her first time visiting the field days. 

“I have attended different field days in the past, but this is the first time I am attending the Wimmera Machinery Field Days,” she said. 

“When comparing this field days to the other ones, it is much bigger and I didn’t expect that.” 

Ms Ellis said the farm machines caught her attention. 

“I live on a farm, but the machinery is not as big and impressive as the machines on display today,” she said.

Nhill College captain Starla Colbert said the event was an opportunity to learn in a different environment. 

“I just love being outside in the fresh air and learning outside the classroom,” she said. “We have been looking at all the stalls throughout the grounds.

“One of the main things I learnt was about healthy eating and saving water.”

Horsham woman Sheridan Petering attended the field days for the first time with her daughter. 

She said she did not have any particular expectations, but hoped it would be a great family day out.

“I am amazed at how many things there are for kids to do. It truly is an entertaining family day,” Sheridan said. 

Across the three days of the event, the petting zoo proved to be a favourite among the children. 

“My daughter absolutely loved the petting zoo. She was obsessed with the llama,” Sheridan said.