Wild Action zoo visits Horsham for fishing competition | Photos

WIMMERA children were able to get up close to a range of different animals when a mobile zoo visited the region at the weekend.

Zoologist, television personality and Wild Action owner Chris Humfrey was in Horsham on Sunday as part of the city’s annual fishing competition.

Wimmera Catchment Management Authority organised the entertainment.

Authority community delivery manager Joel Boyd said the Wild Action team bought a range of animals for children to hold.

“There was everything from cute and furry animals such as sugar gliders and echidnas, to large reptiles like lace monitors and even a tawny frogmouth,” he said.

“It was an opportunity for children to get up close to these animals and have a cuddle.

“There was a lot of enthusiasm from children and adults and Chris said he was really impressed with the children’s knowledge of the environment.”

Mr Boyd said the authority wanted to organise the event to encourage children to learn more about the environment and animals in the region.

“It’s a great opportunity for us to help people learn about the importance of protecting our river systems,” he said.

“We’ve seen a great improvement in the Wimmera River over the past few years and that was reflected in the variety of fish being caught at the fishing competition.

“We also want to create enthusiasm among children about protecting the environment.”