A MUM'S WORLD | Katianna's water woes

Sixteen-year-old Katianna woke late to an empty house one day last week.

She soon discovered only a dribble of water escaping her bathroom faucet, so she stumbled downstairs to investigate, finding the kitchen quiet and a hurried note sitting atop a foil clad plate. 

It was mid-morning, and the rest of the household had journeyed out on a bike riding adventure - leaving her to rest and recover from the exhaustion of growing another centimetre taller this month. 

Under the foil were three waffles. In the note was the explanation that the water had been turned off at the mains due to a leaky pipe in the garden. 

Disaster had struck… how was she going to wash her hair? 

She was acutely aware that the water might be off indefinitely as daddy cut his way through innumerable tree roots to uncover and mend the problem pipe. 

As our teen carefully ate her way through warm waffles smothered in maple syrup, fresh strawberries and cream, she was concocting a scheme to achieve the clean hair she wanted for her scheduled Joseph workshop at noon. 

Unable to do her dishes, she found an empty ice cream container under the sink and started scouring the house for clean water to wash her blonde tresses. 

The kettle was the most obvious starting point, but where to next? 

Drink bottles of course! With three girls each using several bags, Miss Ingenious was doing quite well. 

Glasses of water on bedside tables helped, and although she took the lid off the toilet cistern to make a closer examination, she quickly popped it back on again.  

Triumphantly taking to the bath, she made the untimely discovery that her head would certainly never fit into her hard earned tub of lovely luke warm water. 

My firstborn decided to empty her precious water into the hand basin. 

On watching her cherished collection of H2O unexpectedly disappear down the drain hole due to a dogey plug, she considered working herself into a lather, but couldn’t, due to the lack of water.   

There was nothing else for it, she grabbed her towel and headed out to the swimming pool for a mid-April rinse and swim.   

Have I found a good reason for this unseasonable warmth?   


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