Wimmera storm videos and photos as sent in by you

There was crazy weather in the Wimmera at the weekend but luckily there was no major damage.

“We were very lucky, it could have been a lot worse for us. It was really good to see the rain though,” State Emergency Service Horsham deputy controller Nola Smith told the Mail-Times.

Readers sent in photos and videos of the storm to the Wimmera Mail-Times. While it wasn’t a huge storm for us, it was still quite a sight to see.

If you have any photos or videos, be sure to send them to us using the form below. Or you can send them to us on Facebook.

Sent in by Helen Cannell:

Sent in by Rube Clark:

Mount Arapiles, sent in by Ashlee Renae:

Dust storm at Haven – sent in by Judy Tucker:

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