Western Rail campaign getting trains from Horsham to Melbourne gaining momentum

People of the Wimmera – it is time to get passenger rail back to the region.

New company Wimmera Rail Services has proposed it could reinstate daily train services between Horsham and Ararat before being connected to a direct service to Ballarat and Melbourne.

It says the project would be undertaken in three stages, costing almost $292 million.

It would mean people with appointments could get to Melbourne more easily without having to drive, and people with disabilities would have the freedom to go about their daily lives without relying on others.

The last time passengers boarded a direct train to Melbourne from Horsham was on August 21, 1993 – 111 years after the service began. 

Horsham and Mildura are the only regional cities in Victoria without passenger rail services.

Join the campaign on Twitter – use #WimmeraOnTrack and #WesternRail.