Horsham Calisthenics College students perform solo concert at Horsham Town Hall | Photos

HORSHAM Calisthenics College students have performed in a solo concert at the Horsham Town Hall.

Seven girl students performed during Friday’s concert. 

College principal Kylie Hermans said calisthenics was predominantly a team sport but could also be a solo sport. 

Mrs Hermans said soloists needed to have a certain skill level to perform alone. 

“To have the skill level, the girls do exams previously,” she said. 

“The solo concert went really well. It was smaller than usual.”

Mrs Hermans said the girls had been training for country competitions, which would begin in May. 

“There were metro competitions which started in March,” she said 

“Most of our girls only go to the country competitions. The girls have been working really hard until now to learn their routines. 

“It’s just about our girls having fun, performing and getting out on the stage to get ready.” 

The first country competition will be in Mount Gambier on May 25.