High teas keep growing

The club committee chairman, Carmel Mitchell, tells of the very successful monthly high teas, which are becoming even more popular with up to 40 guests attending each month.

If you are downsizing, as many of us are, they are always appreciative of new tea towels. We always seem to have a few in our linen presses, three tiered plates, or for the sales side, novelty tea cosies.

If you can help perhaps you could take them down on your next trip to Umina, I know a coach is going from West Wimmera this Friday for a visit. Then there is the conference, perhaps your group president or a delegate would take them for you.

Marmalade is always a welcome addition to the larder, as it is a very popular breakfast spread with the guests. A note from the state treasurer, Janette O'Keefe – the best by (not use by) date on the remaining CWA preserves is fast approaching and they would like to sell the remaining jars.

Janette has suggested that at state conference, perhaps attending members could purchase two jars each at the special conference price of $5 per jar. 

A reminder from Social Issues - World Elder Abuse Awareness Day is on 15th June, 2018. As branches are you planning any thing special to mark this? 

More on the Country of Study - Peru

Sun worship in Peru – Peru's Machu Picchu is one of the world's most alluring destinations, and a fantastic way to experience it is to combine it with the Inti Raymi festival in the ancient Inca capital, Cusco.

The festival takes place every June 24, to coincide with the winter solstice, and is Cusco's biggest event of the year, involving hundreds of participants re-enacting the Inca's veneration of the sun god. 

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Congratulations to Central Wimmera Beulah branch who celebrate their 80th birthday celebrations this month, what a wonderful achievement. 

Wishing the ladies who are travelling to Umina this Friday (18th) a great trip.

Tomorrow (Friday) Horsham branch are drawing their Mother's Day raffle, and will forward me result of winner, as soon as able, after that.

If the result could be added to next week's column, it would be appreciated.