Kobi Bolt eyes off a podium finish in the western region MX championships

ARARAT’S Kobi Bolt sits just 52 points off top spot in the western region motocross title with three rounds remaining.

The 10-year-old has 238 points from the opening three rounds of the 65 c classification with his favourite three tracks still to go to finish off the season.

TALENT: Kobi Bolt sits in fourth position with three rounds remaining. Picture: PETER PICKERING

TALENT: Kobi Bolt sits in fourth position with three rounds remaining. Picture: PETER PICKERING

Bolt trains at the Next Level track in Maryborough and has been riding motorbikes since he was four years old.

Kobi’s dad Jarrod said he is very proud of how well Kobi has performed so far this season.

“I am proud of the way Kobi has shown determination throughout each race,” he said.

“Before the season, Kobi wanted to finish top five and he has done that already.”

The junior talent practises under the watchful eye of Lachy Steen and Bolt said he has noticed a big difference in Kobi’s attitude since starting.

“The last 12 months, when he is confident around his riding, it comes out in his school and his everyday life which is great to see.

“He also has the same determination to win as every other rider but he will stop and check on someone if they are hurt and will shake hands with everyone after each race.”

Steen said he has been working with Bolt for nearly a year and has already seen a lot of growth.

“He has come a long way since day one and there is still a lot improvement there still to go and with the right attention between me and him, I believe we can make great things out of Kobi,” he said.

“He listens really well, I picked up some things I thought he could improve on and as soon as I told him what to do, he did it perfectly.

“It is more of a friendship rather than a job, so it made it really easy to get to know him and he is a great kid to work with.”

“I have slowly come up through the ranks and I am at the level now where I am racing Australian titles

“I race against the best in Australia and the world, it is a big achievement.

“I have come a long way myself and I can see a lot of that in Kobi as well.”

Bolt will continue to practice on the track each weekend, as the junior talent looks to improve and hopefully pursue a career of racing full time.

He will return to the track next month for round four of the western region MX competition in Horsham on June 17.

The racing season will finish with the final round of competition with round six at the Ararat Motorcycle Club on September 8.