Planned 477 hectare burn ​to be carried out today at Little Desert National Park

MORE than 400 hectares of land at Little Desert National Park will be burnt today as part of a planned burn.

The 477 hectare area near the Fenceline Track will be lit at 12noon.

It is expected that the burn will continue until Saturday.

Forest Fire Management Victoria and the Country Fire Authority advise that people may be affected by smoke from these planned burns, and smoke may be visible in the nearby localities and communities.

If you are experiencing any symptoms that may be due to smoke exposure, seek medical advice or call Nurse on Call on 1300 606 024.

Close windows and doors to prevent smoke from entering.

Road travel may be hazardous due to low visibility associated with smoke.

Access to walking tracks, car parks, camping grounds and picnic sites in areas close to or in burn areas may be restricted.

For more information and to stay informed on the planned burn, you can visit: