You and the Church | Jesus was a catalyst for a new world

For a lot of people ‘change’ is a dirty word, but around 2000 years ago in a back-blocks region of what is now Israel, a humble carpenter’s son, changed the world forever with loving actions and his Word.  His name is Jesus. 

At Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, we are currently involved in a reflection and study series called Jesus, the Game Changer.  This Australian-produced series looks at the impact which Jesus, the Son of God had and has on the world we know. 

The series looks at topics such as who Jesus is and the historical evidence about him, his life of service to humanity and the change for the better for billions of lives because of his death and triumphant resurrection. 

The issue of ‘equality’ of all humans in God’s eyes is one example.  

This topic reflects on the New Testament teaching that, through Jesus Christ, ‘there is no longer Jew or Greek, slave or free’, which inspired William Wilberforce and others who fought for the abolition of the slave trade and slavery itself. 

Unfortunately, because of human sinfulness slavery still exists in the form of human trafficking, sex slavery, child labour and sweat-shops around the world. 

This degradation of human rights must be eliminated.  Before we Aussies start patting ourselves on the back too vigorously, we should carefully reflect on how we have mistreated the original inhabitants of our country.

Another excellent topic is Jesus’ attitude toward and treatment of women and children and we should also thank Jesus because He really did change attitudes toward women and children forever – for the better.

Other thought provoking issues tackled in the series include Care, Leadership, Democracy, Education and Health, Wealth, Reason and Science, and a subject we all could do well to learn more about, Forgiveness.

The universal message in all of the discussions is how much better the world is today in all spheres of life, despite all the muck that still happens. Our life is better because of the changes Jesus brought and taught, changes which are still taught and practiced today.  For that we can all say, Thank the Lord!