Wimmera Mail-Times letters to the editor | June 15, 2018

Silo art information

WE RECENTLY took our interstate visitors on the Silo Art Trail so well described in an article in the Wimmera Mail-Times (Titled: Bringing back a region’s pulse, in the June 1 edition). 

Our visitors were curious to know the stories relating to figures portrayed on each silo. Unfortunately we did not have the background knowledge to answer their requests. 

The article in the Mail-Times brought each silo painting to life with succinct, informative statements pertaining to each identity. This is something we could not provide to our visitors. 

Consequently, I suggest – and this might already be happening – that each silo requires a weather-protected information board detailing the artist’s identity together with statements pertaining to identities portrayed. I believe this initiative would add to this excellent tourist attraction. 

Neville Strachan, Horsham

Support new venture

ITALIAN food in Goroke – what an amazing story (Wimmera Mail-Times, June 11). 

Franco D’Andrea of Riddells Creek buying the Goroke Pub is the best thing that has happened in the West Wimmera since the story of Lost in the Bush in 1836. 

The Italians are very good people – just like the Sordello, Satori, Panozzo, Cincotta and Votta families who all helped develop Green Park in Horsham, which had a nickname of their mother country, Little Italy. 

To all Horsham and West Wimmera people, I say to support Franco and his family.

They will bring with them friendship and employment and Goroke will be amazed. 

Brian Wilde, Horsham

Timely reminder for men

WE ARE all guilty of it; neglecting our health, but statistically it seems that more often than not it’s us blokes who do it the most. We have jobs to do, we’re out seeding until 3am or we’re working through the to-do list from last month – we don’t have time to go into town for a doctor’s appointment, we hardly have time to check in with our mates.

Men’s Health Week is a reminder to make the time for yourself, and make the time for your mates because we all know some of the toughest battles we face are often with ourselves.

Communities around our patch will get involved in free events this week, all promoting the health and wellbeing of men and boys and I urge you to get involved. Maybe even take Sunday off and spend it with the family?

It’s important to remember the reason we work as hard as we do, and take time to appreciate all the great things in our lives, our health is one of them that we can’t afford to lose.

So this week, check in with your mates, catch up with your dad, brother, son or neighbour, and go and book that appointment you’ve been putting off for months.

Make time this Men’s Health Week.

Andrew Broad, Member for Mallee

Pets banned at the lake

CAN someone at GWMWater please tell me why pets are no longer allowed in the designated camping areas at Lake Lonsdale? 

Please explain. 

Glenn Robson, Stawell

Questions on project 

A COUPLE of weeks back, Daniel Andrews quietly dumped his ‘Getting Things Done’ slogan from Labor’s government press releases.

Around the same time, sheepish department officers were being dispatched to tell our freight industry and communities in north-west Victoria that the Murray Basin Rail project has been put on hold – indefinitely.

Despite being handed a ready-made, once-in-a-generation, transformational rail project, Daniel Andrews has decided he doesn’t want to get it done for us after all.

This project was all lined up. The previous Liberal Nationals state government had allocated $220 million in the 2014-15 Budget, drawn up the plans and started preliminary works. The Federal Liberal Nationals Government then chipped in the additional $220 million needed to fully fund it. 

All Daniel Andrews had to do was deliver – but he’s botched it.

Rumours have abounded for months. Issues with contractors. Delays. Reports the whole project is already $100 million or more over budget. But the Andrews Government kept saying everything was fine.

Two weeks ago we learned it’s not fine. The project that is supposed to standardise the rail lines that run from Victoria’s north-west to the ports, improving freight efficiency and getting trucks off the road, is on hold. Indefinitely.

The end date of the project is now unknown and businesses that made multi-million dollar investments based on Labor’s original project timelines left high and dry.

Last week in State Parliament, Jacinta Allan wouldn’t answer basic questions about the project, including when state three would start. Ms Allan also failed to give a plausible answer on why the project stalled in the first place and she ignored questions about the rumoured contractor and commissioning problems related to the first two stages of the project.

It’s clear the Labor Government has known of a range of issues for months but isn’t being upfront with industry or the communities.

Labor’s ineptitude is putting this once-in-a-generation opportunity under serious threat.

And the Premier for Melbourne has shown - again - that Regional Victoria can’t trust his city-centric Labor Government to deliver the major projects and investments we need to decentralise and deliver for our communities.

Peter Walsh, leader, The Nationals


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