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Art journal
Art journal

The Art Is ... Festival has come to a close. As I wander the streets looking at art, I delight in the ones that integrate faith and life and art. In no way do I consider myself an artist, but I love imagery. My fingers itch whenever I see paint, I cannot stop myself from picking up a brush. 

In the last 18 months, I have taken up Art Journaling. It is a chance to splash some oxide-paint onto a page and try out different art techniques and supplies. But from the first to the last page my art journal is covered in biblical readings, Christian art images, and prayers. Art is… faith expression. For me, it is a way to integrate my life, my faith and my love of crayons and charcoal. 

There is something wonderful about being in a class together. With ink-stained hands I grab my cuppa, having a heartfelt conversation with those around me. We connect our human stories of love and loss, faith and fellowship all stuck together in paper and glue collage, on the page in front of us. I look down at my artwork and I realise, my soul is on the page. Each one of us vulnerable, as we hold up our artwork tentatively - looking for appreciation. Others delight in our work for skill, or use of colour, or for the powerful memory it contains. 

Have we ever stopped to think that we are God’s artwork? [Eph 2:10] God has crafted us with God’s hands. That God actually delights in us, and holds us up to the light and proudly says “Look, what I made! She is full of a capacity to love, hurt by life but more beautiful for her inner strength, her heart is compassionate and her prayers are powerful. She is my delight.” [Songs 4:10, 7:16; Prov 31:10-31]    

Rev. Linley Liersch, Horsham & District Uniting Church, Horsham Christian Minister’s Association.