Feed five under $10: the great cook off | A Mum's World

A crow stole my eggs! It’s my own fault – I left two eggs I’d gathered on top of the chook food bin, while I collected a load of wood.

Then I got distracted weeding and forgot to bring the eggs in.    

I needed those eggs because the girls and I are having a cooking competition – who can provide the best family meal for five for under $10.  

Everything in the pantry can be used for free though, and eggs are on that list.

So far, Tiani is winning. She made an absolutely delicious chicken noodle soup, with chicken fillets being her most expensive ingredient.  

Yasinta is in second place with some delicious honey soy marinated chicken drumsticks and a crunchy coleslaw salad with a spicy dressing that was reduced to $1.60 – bargain.  

In equal last place are Katianna and I.  

My dish utilised leftover gourmet sausages from our picnic at Mt Arapiles to make easy sausage carbonara.  

Even with a whole packet of parmesan, it was apparently a little bland.

After baking up some delicious dark chocolate chip cookies full of luxurious expensive ingredients out of the pantry – like brown sugar, butter and 85 per cent cocoa chocolate – Katianna hit the supermarket to shop for her main course elements.  

It was only then that she realised the full cost of her creations. All protein in particular seemed out of her price range.

Our sweet 16 settled on roasted sweet potato and leek salad and accompanied it with, shock horror, a box of Indian finger food!  

I have no idea what those little bits and bobs were, but they tasted great and only cost her $5.

So, as round two begins – a focus on dessert – I really needed those eggs as key free components.  

Our inspiration for this latest adventure was my trip away when Daddy was in control.  

Even though I left a pot of delicious homemade soup on the stove, Kym headed straight for a fast food outlet. 

No wallet meant scratching through the ute console and searching school bags to come up with $13.

And a meal that was carefully shared out onto plates at home, and washed down with lashings of soup.  

Somehow they made penny pinching sound like a whole lot of fun.  

Yolande Grosser