Tahnee Walker used to Ararat Rats success

SINCE joining the Ararat Rats in 1995, Tahnee Walker has become accustomed to playing in a winning team. 

She has had a couple of spells with the club since then, with last season being the only year she has not featured in a grand final. 

“Every year I have been at Ararat except last year I have played in a grand final,” she said. “It wasn’t a nice feeling last year, we didn’t even play finals.”

The 200-gamer first played for St Mary’s when she was 12 in the under-18s.

“Under-18s was the only age group they had then,” she said. “I was a basketballer originally but that’s too taxing now.”

After playing in the under-17s for Ararat, Walker quickly found herself part of the A Grade line-up.

“I played a couple of years in under-17s and then went into A Grade, coached by Gayle Dadswell,” she said.

“I played with Donna Spalding and Megan Shea then and Donna has coached me since.” 

Walker featured in an Ararat three-peat between 2007-09. After a disappointing season last year, Ararat has rediscovered its winning ways this season with Spalding returning to the helm.

“With Donna we have a really experienced coach and a good mix of youth and leadership,” Walker said.

“We are back up there now and it’s a good feeling. We have that winning mentality back now.”

With the senior footballers also doing well, Walker said the club was buzzing.

“It’s a great place to be at the moment,” she said. “It always helps when you’re winning and the place is humming along at the moment.”