Take a trip down memory lane with CWA

As we continue our stroll down memory lane, it is the diversity in skills that have been the one constant that continues to shape CWA into the wonderful cornucopia that it is.

Earlier this year, winning entries in the 2018 literature competitions were compiled into a booklet.

It's pleasing to see two branch members from within our reading area were amongst the successful entrants featured.

Sharon Douglas from Stuart Mill Branch (East Wimmera) finished second in the short stories, up to 500 words, fiction section.

Another East Wimmera entrant, Maureen Donnellon, of the Wirrim - Birchip Branch, was recognised with multiple awards.

Maureen received a first in the fact section; another first in 1000 to 2000 words, fact, and first in a further fact section.

She was also awarded first prize in the section titled “Since 1928 -90 years” and a further three in the poetry division.

What an achievement!

Well done, East Wimmera. 

Another area which has always been eagerly anticipated has been the song in costume concerts, with an amazing effort being put into costume authenticity and colour, choirs and the amazing trading tables laden with home-baked goodies which are a joy to behold unless you are trying to lose weight.

As with so many of our branches, their community actions are also commendable, with baking days to prepare and pack biscuits to distribute at festive times to those among us that find baking difficult, either through circumstance or illness.

Just another aspect of CWA in action, never intruding just going gently, but there when needed.

My appreciation to Drung South member Margaret Uebergang who kindly shared some wonderful photographic memories of some of these memorable moments. 

State Creative Arts Exhibition entries closed earlier this month.

To be held in the memorial hall, Leongatha on Friday, August 3, 9am - 5pm and Saturday, August 4, 9am - 4pm.

Group Entry: Home Industries, High Tea, Australian Native Plants. Handicrafts - art, bags, bears, canvas, china painting, craft- other technique, basketry – natural resources and other type.

We are looking forward to quite a few entries from our area branches, good luck to all.