Horsham PAWS: Up for adoption | July 10

WHEN animals come into the Horsham PAWS foster care program there are some that might need more work than others. 

However, this should not discourage people from opening their hearts said Horsham PAWS president Carolyn Stow. 

Just like a person a dog and a cat has a unique personality. They can be outgoing and boisterous or shy and timid.

Regardless of their personality, Ms Stow said every animal deserved a loving home. She said Horsham PAWS worked with each animal in their foster care program to feel confident and ready for their new families. 

“There are times where we have pets come in and we need to do some work with them,” she said. 

“We cover a range of dogs and cats that have come to us in different circumstances, but all they needed is that extra time and care to bring them out of their shell.

“It is important for us to go that extra mile to make sure each cat and dog is fit and healthy.”

Can you find a place in your heart, and your home, for these animals? 

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