Player in Focus | Isabella Goudie

 FAVOURITE: Isabella Goudie loves shooting and defending.

FAVOURITE: Isabella Goudie loves shooting and defending.

The Wimmera Mail-Times is publishing a weekly question and answer profile featuring the region’s junior netballers. 

This week we chat with Under 17s player Isabella Goudie.

What club do you play for and in what competition: Noradjuha-Quantong in the HDFNL.

Why did you start playing netball: A lot of my friends in primary school started playing, and I liked how the game is really team-orientated, so that influenced my decision to play.

What is your favourite position: I’ve been a shooter for most of my netball years, but I also love defending. It would be a close competition between GD and GA.

What is your favourite thing about playing netball: I really love the intensity of the game and just how quickly the game can change. I also love that I get to play with my friends, I’m definitely always looking forward to training and games with them.

Do you have a favourite netballer: Laura Geitz. I think her control of the ball and strength is amazing.