Temperatures were below average the Bureau of Meteorology says | Pictures, video

SNOW landed on Mount William today with a chilly start to the day.

The temperature for Mount William reached a low of -0.5 degrees, slightly below the minimum average for the mountain so far this month.

Bureau of Meteorology climatologist Ian Barnes-Keoghan said snow is not uncommon for Mount William.

“Mount William is fairly high up and if there is the appropriate weather system, such as a cold front, it will snow,” he said. 

Mount William is 1150 m above sea level. 

Other parts of the Wimmera felt the chill today, with Stawell’s temperature staying in single digits for the day. 

Stawell’s temperature stayed below five degrees until 11.30am today and reached a maximum of 9.5 today. 

The average maximum temperature for Stawell in July is 12.5 degrees. 

Mr Barnes-Keoghan said temperatures have been relatively cold lately, but it’s not unheard of. 

“This is winter, this is what happens in winter,” he said. 

Horsham managed to reach double digits, with the temperature peaking to 11.4 degrees at 3.30pm. 

Nhill also only managed to sneak into double figures in the mid-afternoon, with a high of 11.3 degrees at 3pm.

However in Edenhope, the temperature did not get higher than 9.8 degrees all day, making it the coldest day there this month.

The lowest maximum temperature for the month so far in Horsham was recorded on Tuesday, with a top of 10.7 degrees.

The coldest minimum came on July 2, with an overnight low of -2.9 degrees.

This story Cold snap in the Wimmera first appeared on The Stawell Times-News.