Wimmera Hockey Association wrap, August 8

CONTEST: Clint Beattie of the Kaniva Cobras controls the ball while Kayden Rowe of the Nhill Rangers tries to stop him. Picture: Simon King
CONTEST: Clint Beattie of the Kaniva Cobras controls the ball while Kayden Rowe of the Nhill Rangers tries to stop him. Picture: Simon King

Round 13 was highlighted by the Nhill Rangers scoring their first win for the season and the Yanac Women suffering their first loss.

The Rangers scored a two-goal victory over the Kaniva Cobras in the open division. They goaled twice before half-time and maintained their lead during an even second half, where chances were created but strong defence or wayward forwards prevented further scoring.

This result denied Kaniva the opportunity to close the gap on the second-placed Warrack Hoops after they too suffered a loss to the enthusiastic Hurricanes. The Hoops began strongly with a majority of possession early, but the balance swung to Horsham who defended strongly to restrict the Hoops natural free-flowing attacking game. A goal at the 28-minute mark of the first half opened the scoring, and a converted penalty corner just on half-time gave the Hurricanes a two goal lead. The Hoops clawed one back mid-way through the second half, but more discipline by the Hurricanes preserved their lead.

The game between Yanac Tigers and Dimboola Burras began evenly. It took a converted penalty stroke by the Tigers at the 24-minute mark to break the stalemate. In the second half, the Tigers’ depth was on show as they extended the margin to three goals.


The race for the top four will continue into the penultimate round, with three teams having already qualified. The remaining three all have a chance of claiming the final berth.

Warracknabeal remain fourth despite a six-goal loss to Horsham Jets. Kaniva are still in the race after defeating Nhill Thunderbirds 2-1.

Interest also remains at the top, with Yanac and the Dimboola Roos already qualified for the top two positions; the order could still change.

Previously undefeated Yanac was marginally ahead on the field for most of their game but were unable to convert. The Roos stepped up the pace with 10 minutes left, converting a penalty corner to break the deadlock.


Open: Horsham Hurricanes 2 (Goals - T Roberts, B Woodhart; Best - P Mackereth, T Davey, W Gulline) defeated Warrack Hoops 1 (Goal - O Bennett; Best - C Bardell, J Dean, S Schultz); Yanac Tigers 3 (Goals - J Harding, T Alexander, B Alexander; Best - T Alexander, B Alexander, K Croot) defeated Dimboola Burras 0 (Best - T Dent, B Tischler, J Tischler); Nhill Rangers 2 (Goals - S Schwarz, C Rowe; Best - B Miller, J Reichelt, L Marra) defeated Kaniva Cobras 0 (Best - L Mills, C Beattie, D Shalders)

Women: Horsham Jets 6 defeated Warrack Women 1 (Goal - D Rigby; Best - D Rigby, K Krahe, T Bull); Kaniva Women 2 (Goals - J Mitchell, O Williams; Best - O Williams, L Stimson, J Mitchell, I Williams) defeated Nhill Thunderbirds 1 (Goal - L Hawker; Best - K Farquharson, E Koop, B Cuming, L Hawker); Dimboola Roos 1 (Goal - E Klinge; Bes t- E Klinge, B McMaster, R Lovett) defeated Yanac Women 0 (Best - E Alexander, C Smith, S Pipkorn)