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HORSHAM’S St Brigid’s College students are ready for the curtain to rise on their production of The Little Mermaid

The students were keen to dive deep into the ocean and take on the beloved Disney characters from Ariel to Flounder and Sebastian. 

Director Erin Boutcher said the students had eagerly transformed into their roles and could not wait for opening night. Ms Boutcher said the audience could expect a bright and energetic musical. She said many fan-favourite songs such as Under the Sea, Part of Your World and Kiss the Girl would feature. 

“The amount of work that has gone into the production has been so amazing and so creative,” she said. “Every scene is full of colour and is so bright and energetic – it is impossible to pick out a stand out moment.” 

While the production has been a chance for the students to dazzle the crowd with their talent, Ms Boutcher said the audience would be equally amazed by the sets and costumes on stage. 

“The sets and costumes have really enhanced the feeling – they’ve made it very Disney,” she said. 

The college used the production as an opportunity to teach students and the audience about environmental sustainability. The sets and props used in The Little Mermaid were made from recycled and reused materials.

Costume co-ordinator Catherine Hobbs enlisted the talent of Susie Mibus and Venetia Elbourne-Hobbs to create a number of costumes for the lead characters.

Ms Mibus and Mrs Elbourne-Hobbs found that the “real buzz” in creating the costumes has been in the upcycling and recycling.

Ms Mibus said yoga mats and old suitcases were just some of the materials used to create the “right look” for the show. Her talents have been showcased in Ursula's sea witch gown – complete with tentacles.

"It's been great to reinvent and remodel fabric and materials to create something it wasn't originally intended for," she said. "It's good to be involved in something I love doing. Getting Ursula's costume to 'behave' has been a challenge – it's so big.” 

The Little Mermaid is showing at the Horsham Town Hall from Thursday to Saturday. Tickets are available for $25.


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