Former Dimboola resident and father-of-two Wayne Dolan, 56, pleads guilty to family violence charges

A FORMER Dimboola resident and father-of-two was placed on a community corrections order after he pleaded guilty to multiple assault charges.

Wayne Dolan, 56, faced Horsham Magistrates' Court on Wednesday. He pleaded guilty to three charges relating to a family violence incident.

The court heard that Mr Dolan has two daughters, aged 14 and 16, with his former partner.

It was alleged that Mr Dolan attended the home of his former partner on March 30 to confront her about an issue relating to one of their daughters.

Horsham police prosecutor Sergeant Matt Haughton said it was alleged that Mr Dolan hit his former partner over the head “several times”.

“On March 31, police attended the property and were confronted by Mr Dolan,” he said.

“His daughters were physically shaking and crying. They were almost unable to speak.”

Mr Dolan was taken to Horsham Police Station for questioning.

“He told police that he didn’t hit her on the head,” he said.

An intervention order between Mr Dolan and his former partner was granted at Horsham Magistrates’ Court on April 3, and Mr Dolan’s bail was extended. 

Mr Dolan’s bail conditions included being prohibited from contacting his former partner and from posting on social media about her.

Sergeant Haughton said Mr Dolan breached a number of his bail conditions.

“The accused posted on Facebook about losing all of his money, and made a suggested reference that his former partner was responsible,” he said.

“On April 5, he sent a text to the victim and he sent another on April 6.”

Mr Dolan was arrested in Dimboola on April 6 and was taken to Horsham Police Station.

“He said he wasn't aware that he wasn’t able to text the victim,” he said.

Mr Dolan’s defence lawyer acknowledged the accused’s lack of prior history with the criminal justice system and noted he showed remorse for his actions.

Magistrate Noreen Toohey said it was clear alcohol had an impact in Mr Dolan’s actions.

“You can be classed as alcoholic and you will continue to cause harm if you don’t do something about it,” she told Mr Dolan.

The court heard that Mr Dolan had attended drug and alcohol counselling and had a history of mental health problems.

His defence lawyer said his client was taking steps to change his actions and had recently moved to Ballarat.

Magistrate Toohey acknowledged the defence’s submissions.

“The matter is that this behaviour is so serious,” she said.

“The children were deeply affected by this going by what the police have described in relation to them crying and having difficulty talking due to being so upset.

“Mr Dolan might well say that he is doing things to change his behavior, but he can’t take back the impact that he has had on his children.”

Magistrate Toohey placed Mr Dolan on a community corrections order.

“You need alcohol counselling, and I don’t just mean a few sessions. You need a lot of sessions,” she told Mr Dolan.