High achiever shines at Horsham College

Horsham College students have completed a successful year, with Dux, Mya Jones, achieving the highest ATAR in the Wimmera, of 97.55.

Mya will take a gap year and has applied to study archaeology at university the following year.

Horsham College congratulates all other high achievers, who are celebrated in the full-page ad in this feature.

At the same time, Horsham College is building capacity for leadership and academic success in students as they progress through the middle years.

Students now have the opportunity to apply to study VCE subjects from year 9, and complete a year 12 VCE sequence in year 10.

In 2019, two groups of year 9 students participated in extended leadership camps in Victoria and China.

Six boys went to the Gnurad Gundidj campus near Noorat Victoria for the entirety of term three.

Highlights of their participation were a three-day hike, and they have returned to school with a plan to implement a team project based on fundraising for and establishing a year 9 area.

More recently, six year 9 students have returned from a six-week placement on the Victorian Young Leaders to China Expedition with the Snowy River Campus.

These students experienced homestays in remote China, and took part in a cultural immersion and language placement at an international school.

They will also propose a school-improvement project to school leadership on their return to school.