Love is in the air this Valentine's Day

CELEBRATE: Valentine's is for everyone, whether you're partnered up or single and ready to mingle. Photo: Shutterstock.
CELEBRATE: Valentine's is for everyone, whether you're partnered up or single and ready to mingle. Photo: Shutterstock.

THE annual day of celebrating all things to do with 'love' is once again upon us.

There are many conflicting origin stories about Valentine's Day with the most popular of them speculating the celebrations date back to AD 269.

As the story goes, the day originated as a Western Christian day of feasting, in honour of a number of early saints named 'Valentinus'.

One such Saint Valentine was rumoured to have restored sight to the blind daughter of his judge after being caught performing weddings for soldiers who were forbidden to marry.

Valentine then wrote to her, simply signing the letter 'Your Valentine' as a sweet farewell prior to his untimely execution.

A feast was then established by Pope Gelasius in AD 496, known as the 'The Feast of Saint Valentine' in honour of the Christian martyr who perished some 200 earlier.

The day became more commercialised in early modern England in the 19th century with the celebration quickly spread throughout the world.

Small tokens of affection became the norm later in the 20th and early 21st centuries.

Today, February 14 is known across the globe as a day to acknowledge and celebrate the cultural significance of romantic love.

The purchasing gifts, flowers, dinner at their favourite restaurant with your loved one - or spending quality time with them is now well-ingrained as a time honoured, annual tradition.

For those of us who rarely take the opportunity to express themselves to their partners, this can be the perfect time to let your special someone know just how much you care about them.

Here are some helpful hints if you're not sure how to celebrate Valentine's Day this year:


  1. Bring a picnic to the park
  2. Rent a paddle boat or double kayak
  3. Hire a plush hotel suite for the night
  4. Visit a national park
  5. Go for a romantic drive in the country
  6. Attend a sporting match
  7. Go back to where you first met
  8. Book a treatment in a day spa
  9. Sign up for a dance class together
  10. Visit a vineyard
  11. Make dinner together from scratch
  12. Go ice skating
  13. Go stargazing
  14. Visit your local art gallery and buy something to remember the occasion
  15. Attend a live theatre event, comedy show or poetry reading
  16. Go to a restaurant with stunning views
  17. Plan a treasure hunt with thoughtful gifts
  18. Hire a boat and go fishing

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