Tim Rayner Audiology is your trusted expert in hearing

Trusted experts in hearing

Hearing Awareness Week is a very good time to reflect and look at services and service provision for hearing-impaired people in the region.

Tim Rayner Audiology was established in 1990 and over the past 30 years has been providing such services to Western Victoria.

The Horsham clinic is open every Wednesday and Friday with the audiologists in attendance at Wimmera Health Care on Thursdays each week.

"We continue to grow and there is no doubt that we will expand these hours over the next two years and hopefully become a fulltime centre," Mr Rayner said.

The world of hearing aids is ever-evolving.

Over the past two years, the introduction of Bluetooth connections to mobile phones with a vast array of hearing aids has come onto the market.

"Over the next two months or so, most companies providing hearing aids in Australia will be updating their models of hearing aids and this is one of the areas where we are going to see the biggest improvements in the next 12 months," Mr Rayner said.

Hearing impairment socially isolates people and therefore the ability to connect them not only for hearing but also to talk to loved ones is vital.

Over the past month or so, all audiologists have undergone specific training in these newer model of hearing aids from two major suppliers of products.

"We are also now able to offer direct Bluetooth connect-ability in "free to client" pensioner hearing aids and this has really been a big game changer," Mr Rayner said.

"Starting 30 years ago when hearing aids were controlled by screwdrivers it has really come ahead leaps and bounds especially in the past year or two."

The clinic also operates in Warrnambool, Hamilton, Portland, Terang and Timboon.

In all venues ear cleaning is a vital part of work to assisting medical staff as well.

"We use a system of curettes and also suctioning under direct vision of microscopes or Voroscopes and at this particular stage, this is also an area where we are having a major impact on the management of wax and debris in people's ear canals," Mr Rayner said.

No referrals are needed for such appointments and of course clients can call directly on 5560 5833 for appointments for wax-management sessions.

Recently, Tim Rayner Audiology appointed Ruth Spencer as an intern audiologist for 2020.

Ruth's family all grew up in the Goroke area.

Ruth has huge connections to the local area which really makes her an excellent candidate.

The major part of our clinic is to make sure that patients are in control of their hearing care.

The patient is a driving force behind the decisions.

At Tim Rayner Audiology no audiologist receives any commission whatsoever for any sales or direction on hearing aids.