The new Facebook ... for babies

Kidmondo ... the "online baby journal"
Kidmondo ... the "online baby journal"

Want to share your baby’s photos and milestones with friends and family online, but are too worried about privacy to use Facebook? Kidmondo, a new social media site, could be just what you’re looking for.

Billed as an “online baby journal”, Kidmondo offers parents a virtual space to keep track of their baby’s life, using a diary, growth charts, video and photo galleries, medical journal (including a dental map, to keep track of tooth eruptions) and more. There’s even an interactive tracker to mark all the important milestones.

The site also offers parents the option to collate and print all the information in book form.

Kidmondo keeps all your information private and secure – the only people who’ll see your child’s journal are the people you’ve invited. And to make sure no-one misses that vital video of your child’s first steps, the site can email your family and friends to let them know when you’ve updated the page.

The basic package, which lets you keep journals for up to three children, is free with 100MB of storage. It offers a range of themes and colours, allowing users to personalise each journal.

As we rely on the internet more every day, could this mean the end of the humble baby book?

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