Eleven injured in Kiata collision

Seven children were among 11 people injured in a collision in near Kiata on Saturday.

Ambulance Victoria spokesman John Mullen said the people were hurt after a utility and minivan collided on the Western Highway at Kiata near Nhill, about 2.45pm.

‘‘A van towing a trailer collided with a utility,’’ he said.

‘‘We ended up with 11 patients.

‘‘Fortunately, there was only one which you’d class as serious.’’

A man in his 60s with a serious abdominal injury was flown to Melbourne.

He was transported from Essendon Airport to the Royal Melbourne Hospital.

Mr Mullen said nine patients, mostly children under 10, were taken to Wimmera Base Hospital at Horsham, while one person refused transport.

‘‘There were seven children involved,’’ he said.

‘‘They were in the van, and I believe there were two adults in the van and two adults in the other car, the utility.‘‘In those nine that have gone to the Wimmera Base Hospital at Horsham, there’s a range of injuries. There’s no life-threatening injuries.

‘‘Because they’ve been rolled around a bit in the van, they’ve got cuts, abrasions and some bruising. ‘‘One of them, a 16-year-old girl, has had a knock to the head.’’

The nine are in a stable condition.