A Mum's World | Why Easter is a special time

Easter is a celebration of selflessness – not selfishness – which is hard to remember when everyone has their eye on the last hot cross bun in the pack! 

In this season, I personally take time to remember the mind-blowing historical event where a poor homeless builder with hundreds of followers – a rabbi who spoke of love and forgiveness – was publicly killed because he claimed to be God’s son. 

Then, and this is the good news, that same man appeared to crowds of people very much alive again three days later. 

Innumerable sceptics have been unable to disprove this fact, recorded in the best preserved text of all ancient history, so it is no wonder this event has changed the world.   

To change the world for the better though, we need to understand that this kind, understanding, compassionate, patient and gentle man Jesus chose to suffer to provide the final remedy to heal all our anxiety, guilt, anger, loneliness and emptiness. 

We are all infected with selfishness and fear, which makes us behave badly and makes it particularly difficult for us to share our Easter eggs!

God’s plan is that through knowing Jesus, humankind can be restored to the original ideal of living a life in harmony with God. 

Restoration is great – especially very long, restorative Easter weekends – but to live all our weekends with genuine peace and joy we need to know the truth about God. 

It doesn’t matter how much we dig deep or believe in ourselves.

We won’t find the strength for a lifetime of being unselfish, even if we have seen the statistics about how being generous with our time, talents and treasures helps others and ourselves.   

To love others unconditionally and put their needs before ours, we need supernatural help. 

We need to tap into God’s agenda for our life, as this perfect love will drive out fear. 

And remember, chocolate has plenty of antioxidants and magnesium which every girl needs.

And your children’s teeth will not rot if they have chocolate for breakfast a couple of days in a row. Ask them, I’m pretty sure they’ll agree. 

So, keeping that in mind, you must forgive yourself for a little indulgence in that area too.

 Happy Easter!

Yolande Grosser