Upcycle Building Supplies Renovators Delights stock smashed | Photos

IT WAS meant to be a retirement business – something to tide Horsham couple Tom and Leanne Dowd over financially as they gradually department the workforce.

But their dreams have been dashed and their stock shattered by vandals. 

Mrs Dowd said their Easter celebrations were dampened when they received a call on Monday alerting them to a break-in at their business – Upcycle Building Supplies Renovators Delights. 

She said offenders gained access under a fence of the property and broke into the shed and smashed all their window stock. 

“It’s a terrible kick in the guts – big time,” she said.

“Tom only has a few years before retiring and he was going to work a bit more on than just weekends when he retired to get us through.

“It’s a huge kick in the guts and it’s totally senseless.

“Hopefully we will be okay.”

The business is currently open on weekends with both Leanne and Tom working other jobs during the week. 

Mrs Dowd said the damaged windows and doors were purchased second-hand for between $10,000 and $15,000 – but the cost of re-framing them would be about $55,000 and the chance of finding the same windows again was slim. 

She said the freight cost alone for replacing the items would be extensive.

“It’s big money,” she said.

“It’s outright vandalism – they were just smashed.”

Mrs Dowd said the couple and police believe the incident occurred between the business closing at 2.30pm Saturday and at the same time Monday.  

“A delivery man called and said there was broken glass everywhere,” she said. 

“I couldn’t really imagine the extent of damage done (when he told us).

“Things are a bit against us at the moment.”

Mrs Dowd said clearing the damage resulted in more than three ute-loads full of broken glass.  

She said rocks and similar implements were found in the shed, which she suspected were used in the incident.

Ms Dowd said because of the low budget for the business they had not purchased insurance.

She said the business was located on a 14-acre gated property, and the gates were locked at the time. 

If you have any information please call police or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

It’s a huge kick in the guts and it’s totally senseless.Hopefully we will be okay.

Leanne Dowd, Upcycle Building Supplies Renovators Delights