CWA Victoria state creative art exhibition is only eight weeks away

West Wimmera group president Sadie Williams reminds members that the CWA Victoria state creative art exhibition in Warrnambool is only eight weeks away. Don’t forget to enter.  

CWA Victoria needs knitted teddies, trauma dolls and knee rugs.

CWA Victoria needs knitted teddies, trauma dolls and knee rugs.

For the coach to Warrnambool, Sadie needs numbers, names and a deposit of $10 by June 16. To date, there has been little interest so she is not prepared to pay a deposit on a coach if it is not viable. The date is August 4, leaving early from Nhill and picking up at Dimboola and Horsham and returning that evening. Neighbouring groups are welcome and probably non-members or partners as long as she has a name and deposit. Send cheques made out to West Wimmera CWA to Sadie Williams, 26 MacPherson St, Nhill, 3418, and Sadie will return them if it does not go ahead. This trip will be subsidised by the Bunnings fundraising.

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CWA Victoria will be led for the next two years by newly elected president, Lynette Harris, who plans to visit many areas of the state.

The state division has welcomed 80 new members over the past few months, including Valerie Briggs who has joined the May branch in the West Wimmera group.

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CWA Victoria needs knitted teddies, trauma dolls and knee rugs.

Country Women’s Association of Australia reports there are 25,000 members in 1500 branches across Australia.


June 15: Beulah, general meeting preceded by lunch, hot soup in thermos flask at noon; followed by "fun day".

June 19: May, general meeting, conference report; casserole lunch. 

June 21: Nhill Twilight, craft activity; roll call, item in my kitchen I would not be without.

June 20: Boorang, competition, market stall and bloom; roll call, abut Denmark craft.  

June 23: Dimboola, CWA Victoria state conference report, roll call, using letters of C, W or an A.                                

Audrey Hoffmann is Central and West Wimmera CWA groups publicity officer.