Letters to the editor | June 14, 2017

ON THE LAND: "A brief stop to check the soil before Steve finishes planting chickpeas," writes @lentillady using #WimmeraFarmer to share her photo on social media.
ON THE LAND: "A brief stop to check the soil before Steve finishes planting chickpeas," writes @lentillady using #WimmeraFarmer to share her photo on social media.

Finance discrepancy

ON MONDAY, June 5, a report was presented to the Horsham Rural City Council regarding a letter submitted by Horsham Amateur Basketball Association on the history of the existing basketball stadium and future lease arrangements.

Contents of this document by Horsham Basketball Association president Owen Hughan allege that sporting associations such as badminton, table tennis, volleyball and netball all agreed to contribute financially to the stadium but reneged when the time came to repay the loan when the current basketball stadium was built in 1974.

Horsham Table Tennis Association refutes this claim.

Unfortunately, Horsham Table Tennis Association never got to be part of the new stadium – so how could they renege on something they were not part of? 

Yes, Horsham Table Tennis Association had discussions with council at that time but we were never part of the funding process.

Mr Hughan might need to discuss the real truths with the basketball president at that time, Kevin Dellar, who was also a councillor at the time.

Both table tennis and basketball shared Maydale Pavilion before the new basketball stadium was built.

Table tennis is still enjoying the great facilities that Maydale provides to this very day.

Does Mr Hughan really think that given the opportunity to have modern facilities at that time we were not interested?  

Horsham Table Tennis Association, over many years, has been advocating for better facilities for table tennis and is part of the council’s project control group for a multi-use indoor sports stadium with other indoors users including basketball.

The current process we are going through is aiming to build a modern four-court facility that meets the requirements for future generations.

Jeff Pekin, president, Horsham Table Tennis Association

Women’s network returns

IN JUST a few weeks, an important service will return for rural women.

I’m proud that the Labor Government has decided to re-establish the Victorian Rural Women’s Network from July 1.

The network began in 1986 to support women living in rural and often isolated areas, raising their profile and allowing them to connect and share information.

But it was inexplicably disbanded by the former Coalition Government in 2013.

Over the past two-and-a-half years, women from all over the state have asked me to re-establish the network.

Our government will provide $1.7 million to support the initiative to promote women’s economic participation, professional development, and wellbeing.

The network will provide a one stop shop for information for rural and regional women with events, ideas, an e-newsletter and social media platforms, leadership opportunities and inspiring stories.

The re-establishment of the much loved Rural Women’s Network shows that voices from outside Melbourne truly matter and there is a government that is listening.

Jaala Pulford, Member for Western Victoria

Drug crime rising

DANIEL Andrews’ Ice Action plan is a $184 million dud. Lots of money is being spent but it’s not making a dent in the numbers of people and their families that are being destroyed by this insidious drug.

It’s not just the lives that are being ruined; it’s the side effects like violent crime and aggravated burglaries which is impacting on tens of thousands of Victorians. 

We need to provide better help for those who want to beat their addiction. 

At the moment those wanting to beat their addictions face waits of up to a year for rehabilitation support because Daniel Andrews is spending the money from the Ice Action Plan on glossy brochures and bureaucratic talkfests.      

Emma Kealy, Member for Lowan


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