Letters to the editor | August 4, 2017

FARM LIFE: "Morning light in shearing sheds is my favourite," writes @gabsnaps on Instagram, using #WimmeraFarmer to share this gorgeous photo with us.
FARM LIFE: "Morning light in shearing sheds is my favourite," writes @gabsnaps on Instagram, using #WimmeraFarmer to share this gorgeous photo with us.

Bypass decision baffles

THE morning after the latest Horsham Rural City Council meeting, I was left dumbfounded at the council’s decision to change the stance of opposing the VicRoads’ option D bypass route.

I am a former member of the original community consultation committee, a councillor in the last council term that voted for the motion for the council to oppose option D, a participant in the planning panel review and participant in the Horsham integrated transport study.

I find it completely extraordinary that the Horsham councillors now wish to sit on their hands and say nothing and do nothing – but in fact, in doing so, have given the green light to VicRoads for the option D bypass.

They didn’t say that, but yes – that is exactly what they are doing. That’s despite the Planning Minister Richard Wynne telling the council that if they opposed the option D bypass route, they should tell him where they would prefer the bypass to go.

And did they consult the Horsham community to make this decision? No, they did not.

It seems to me that the decision was made more out of spite against Cr John Robinson and Cr David Grimble than out of the best interests of our community.

So the Horsham community is now left with a flawed bypass option D.

To the three newest councillors, a message of consideration: If you are to make a decision of the magnitude for a bypass for Horsham you must have: 

  • Read through the VicRoads consultants report recommending an option D bypass. You don’t have to read every word but look at the colour graphs early in the report and you will see the flaws in the colour coding which clearly changes their recommendation;
  • Read the very “subjective” recommendations in the report. You will see there is no clear and concise reasoning behind any of the recommendations; 
  • Read the 30-page report prepared by Horsham council officer John Martin for the panel hearing. This is an excellent document which sets out the council’s clear objection to option D; and
  • Speak with the pilots that use the aerodrome and understand what their concerns are about the siting of option D. 

Think for a moment about the mammoth overpass that will be needed at the western end of option D and how this will impact the entry to our city.  

This knowledge will help you clearly see option D is not the bypass for our city.

Robin Barber, Wail

Political party longevity

MAY I again pose the question: Is there a still a place for the National Party in today’s political world? 

Peter Walsh, now the Victorian Nationals leader, was a disaster for towns in the east Wimmera when he was the Minister for Water in the last Coalition Government. 

So much so, that places such as Donald and St Arnaud returned a Liberal Party representative for the first time ever and are likely to do so from now on. 

Your local Nationals MP, Emma Kealy, seems to have disappeared from mentions in the Mail-Times and your federal one, Andrew Broad, is ineffective. 

My question would seem to answer itself. 

Oliver Guthrie, Ballarat

Important message

THE Point is an incredible sculpture by artist Nichola Clarke created for this year's Art Is... festival in Horsham.

It is built entirely from recycled old toys and household hard rubbish and is now proudly sitting in the middle of the Bunnings car park.

Go check it out.

Paul Kooperman, director, Art is… festival


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