Region's livestock markets

Sheep and Lambs


September 13. Yarding: 8691. Change: up 815. Lambs: 7144. Change: up 1027.

Lamb numbers increased again this week with 7144 head yarded, including around 6000 new season young lambs.

The quality was average to good with all weights on offer. The usual buying group attended, with not all operating fully, plus restocker competition, competing in an easier market when compared to last week’s sale.

Trade weight lambs sold from $5 to $8 easier and the export lambs sold to $5/head easier. The heavy lambs made to $180, with heavier trade weights selling from $144.50 to $164/head and averaging around 620c/kg cwt.

The best of the old lambs, now fewer in number, made to $185/head. Heavier Merino lambs sold from $113 to $134 and medium weights sold from $92 to $111/head to range from 515c to 525c/kg cwt.

Restockers were active on lighter lambs and paid from $99 to $116 for young lambs, and paid from $80 to $100/head for shorn young lambs.

They also paid $126/head for a pen of Merino wethers near full wool.

Merino hoggets made to $130 and crossbreds sold to $110/head.

Light weight 2 score new season young lambs sold from $92 to $108/head. Light trade 2 and 3 score lambs sold from $107 to $130/head and averaged around 610c/kg cwt.

Trade weight 3 and 4 score lambs sold from $133 to $146, with the heavier weights selling from $144.50 to $164/head, they ranged from 590c to 640c to average around 620c/kg cwt. Heavy 3 and 4 score export lambs sold from $164 to $180/head and averaged around 610c/kg cwt.

Sheep: 1547. Change: down 212 

There were 1547 sheep yarded which was similar to last week, all weights were on offer with heavy Merino ewes making to $128 and heavy crossbred ewes selling to $102/head.

Sheep mostly sold around last week’s levels, with lighter mutton a few dollars dearer.

Light weight 2 score sheep sold from $60 to $71/head. Medium weight 2 and 3 score sheep sold from $72 to $108/head, they ranged from 350c to 430c with the Merino mutton averaging around 405c/kg cwt.

Heavy Merino ewes made from $102 to $128, with heavy crossbred sheep selling from $80 to $102/head.

Rams made from $34 to $118/head.


September 12. Yarding: 8951. Change: up 2985. Lambs: 5648. Change: up 957.  

There was a rise in lamb numbers at Ballarat to 5648 head, this was 957 head more with new season lambs now making up the majority of the lambs yarded.

The quality ranged from good to average with most of the regular buyers present as they operated in a steady consistent market.

Prices generally for the new season lambs were from unchanged to $2/head cheaper on last week.

Restockers did create some extra competition causing some sales to be firm as they paid $70 to $80/head for light lambs, $114 to $140 for good store lambs and $109 to $120/head for full wool Merino wethers and ewes in the sheep sale.

A few pens of Merino 2 score new season lambs were offered as they sold from $116 to $124 with the best old Merino lambs of 2 and 3 scores making between $90 to $100/head.

Light weight 2 score new season lambs to the processors sold from $87 to $108/head.

Light trade weight 2 and 3 score new season lambs made $110 to $127/head as they averaged 632c/kg cwt.

Medium trade weight 3 score new season lambs sold from $125 to $155 and 3 score heavier trade weight drafts sold from $153 to $163/head to average an estimated 635c/kg cwt.

Heavy weight young lambs 3 and 4 scores sold from $165 to $178/head as they ranged in their costs between 620c and 635c/kg cwt.

The mixed selection of old lambs sold mostly between costs of 540c to 590c/kg cwt with the good quality selling to firm as the plainer lighter lambs were up to $5/head cheaper.

Medium to heavy trade weight old lambs 2 and 3 score sold from $106 to $143, heavy lambs 3 and 4 scores made $145 to $170 and the few pens of extra heavy old lambs from $186 to the market top of $212/head.

Heavy hoggets sold from $105 to $121/head.

Sheep: 3303. Change: up 2028. 

There was also a lift in sheep supply to 3303, up by 2028 head, with more Merino lines of wether and ewe mutton off shears which was of mixed quality with all weights and grades penned.

Prices for sheep were from firm to $2 lower for the light and medium weights as the heavy crossbred sheep sold from mostly $5 to $8 cheaper and up to $15/head for the extra heavy pens of ewes with Merino wethers unchanged.

Medium weight Merino ewes 2 and 3 scores sold from $79 to $100/head as they averaged around 405c/kg cwt.

Heavy crossbred sheep sold from $86 to $120/head and the heavy 3 and 4 score Merino wethers made from $95 to $115/head to average 395c/kg cwt.

Rams of all breeds 2 and 3 scores sold from $58 to $80/head.



48 Trotter Farming  Balliang $178.00

26 BJ & FE Clancy  Winchelsea $174.20

48 KW Clark & MR Lovett  Majorca $168.00

72 E & J Wilkinson  Crowlands $163.00

55 MP & SE Ross  Mt Beckworth $158.00

32 K & J Thom  Lake Bolac $156.00

24 Keilambete  Terang $150.00

47 Mt Widderin  Skipton $145.00

33 RL Irwin  Redbank $145.00

33 GM Wardlaw  Avoca $144.00

40 KJ & BD Hendra  Russells Bridge $142.00

58 Kilgour Pty Ltd Portarlington $138.50

38 DB Smith  Bealiba $138.00

27 BT & CL Roughead  Bung Bong $138.00

82 SW & JM Delavedova  Moonlight Flat $135.00

135 CW & AM Wardlaw  Avoca $131.00


14 MJ Stevenson  Learmonth $210.20

39 P Rumler & Sons  Wallinduc $188.00

32 HR Duver  Rhymney $155.00

27 P Cook  Ensay $155.00

30 S & L Parry  Navarre $153.00

10 JH, JJ, & JM Elliott  Rathscar $143.50

46 MD Nicholson  Morrl Morrl $138.00

26 Clinton Wilson  Alma $138.00

14 Quaama Farming Co  Miners Rest $138.00

45 J & S Gray  Ensay $136.00

25 JRH Farming  Foxhow $135.00

42 P & B Bourchier  Chatsworth $134.00

41 EJ Dridan  Ampitheatre $134.00

74 Stoney Point  Darlington $130.00

40 Mordan Ag  Ampiheatre $130.00

35 Halloran Farming  Foxhow $130.00

32 K Mullins  Talbot $128.00


63 JA & CF Cummins  Ascot $108.00

83 JA & LJ Lehmann  Hexham $106.00


36 Smith Grazing  Tambo Crossing $120.00

18 HR Duver  Rhymney $100.50

44 Sartori & Son  Newstead $98.00

49 JH, JJ, & JM Elliott  Rathscar $95.00

22 JC & GK Grant  Redbank $93.00

17 Newo Pty Ltd  Mt Hooghly $93.00

36 I & R Davies Stawell $92.60

20 P & D Slorach  Joel Joel $90.50


13 Geelong Lime  Fyansford $120.00

213 Tanwood Enterprises  Tanwood $115.00

68 Newo Pty Ltd  Mt Hooghly $112.50

25 SE & RD Wardlaw  Avoca $105.00

24 Raymond Wardlaw  Avoca $105.00

46 MF Allen  Teesedale $102.00

73 R & C Moran  Ararat $90.00



September 12. Yarding: 741. Change: up 325. 

Numbers increased at Naracoorte this week with 741 yarded.

Quality improved with more grain assisted young cattle yarded and more vealers suiting both the trade and feeder orders.

The usual following of trade, processor and feeder orders attended and operated in a generally easier market, with yearling heifers and heavy D muscle cows selling dearer in places.

Vealer steers and heifers sold from 270c to 322c and feeders paid from 280c to 308c/kg.

Yearling steers and heifers sold from 241c to 284c and feeders paid from 246c to 287c/kg. The grown steers eased 5c to 10c, mostly selling from 243c to 276c/kg.

Manufacturing dairy bred steers sold from 235c to 246c/kg. The grown heifers eased to 10c selling from 234c to 268c/kg.

Heavy beef bred cows sold from 225c to 243c to be to 5c easier, while heavy D muscle cows sold to 244c/kg to be a few cents up on last week.

Heavy beef bred bulls eased 10c to 15c mostly selling from 200c to 240c/kg.

The yarding comprised 554 young cattle, 144 cows, 24 bulls and 19 open auction young cattle.

B muscle vealers ranged from 289c to 320c, with the C muscle vealers making from 270c to 322c to the trade and feeders paid from 260c to 308c/kg.

Yearlings sold to the trade from 241c to 284c and feeders paid from 260c to 289c/kg.

Light and medium grown steers sold from 234c to 276c and the heavier weights sold from 256c to 272c/kg.

Heavy B and C muscle cows sold from 225c to 243c, with heavy D muscle cows selling from 232c to 244c, plainer types sold from 180c to 200c/kg.

Dairy cows sold from 180c to 196c/kg.


September 13. Yarding: 514. Change: up 72.

There was a lift in the number of cattle and quality was mainly from plain to good for the small field of winter time buyers.

Demand held steady for young cattle but prices were a little easier for cows and grown steers.

The grown heifers and heavy weight bulls sold up to 10c/kg lower.

The yarding comprised of 49 grown steers, 144 young cattle and grown heifers, 280 cows and 41 bulls.

The odd few C2 and C3 yearlings to processors made 275c to 308c with restockers paying 246c to 276c/kg.

Most D muscled grades were between 200c and 242c/kg. Grown steers were mainly from 260c to 276c/kg for the C3 and C4 grades of heavy weights.

An average to good selection of grown heifers saw the C3s make 245c and 250c, while the D2 grades were from 215c to 240c with a sale of 6 head to 245c/kg.

The poor to plain offering of E1 cows sold from 130c to 192c, with the D1 grades between 186c and 207c/kg.

The D2 cows were at 195c to 220c and the 3 to 5 score beef cows made 220c to 246c/kg.

A good to very good line up of B muscled heavy weight bulls sold from 258c to 275c with C and D muscled two scores from 230c to 245c/kg.