Make use of hearing service

The September meeting saw the induction of two new ladies, Noreen Alsop and Pauline Thomson.

Guest speaker was Australian Hearing’s community hearing advisor, Bree Boag. With one in six people in Australia hard of hearing and more than 60 per cent of people aged over 60 with some form of hearing loss, this was a most important address for our members.

It’s no secret that maintaining good hearing is important for living a happy and healthy life. Hearing loss, if left untreated, can lead to frustration, isolation, loneliness and/or embarrassment.

It is said, that over half of Australia’s farmers are likely to suffer premature hearing loss as a result of occupational noise exposure. The positives of seeking treatment far outweigh the negatives. Most hard of hearing people who receive some sort of hearing device report improved hearing, they also report an overall increase in the quality of their lives.

Not everyone who is experiencing hearing problems needs a hearing aid. There are many different devices available. With an Australian Hearing Centre located in Horsham at the plaza, local people have a hearing centre at their door. Interestingly, Australian Hearing was established in 1947 to provide services to veterans who suffered hearing damage in World War II and celebrates its 70th birthday this year. Home visiting services are available for clients who are unable to travel due to a medical condition.

October guest speaker is Wendy Mitchell, executive administrator for Business Horsham. Eleven ladies celebrate birthdays during September and are wished well.

Thursday, September 21, movie afternoon, Victoria and Abdul, 1pm.