Man in the Corner | NBN roll out affects Horsham family's tradition

A Horsham family has been experiencing technical difficulties with their television connection due to the NBN roll out.

It is tradition for the family to sit down at dinner time, about 7pm, and eat their meal while watching the father’s choice of show – usually American Pickers or American Restoration

One evening, the television had more static and stutters than usual and one of the three children asked why they continued to watch something they could not follow. 

The father then proceeded to joke with the children: “Would you prefer us to turn the television off and talk about our day?” 

Before he could make another dad joke, the three children surprised him by saying they did, indeed, want to share stories about their day. 

It just goes to show that not all young people in the world are lost to technology.

The children are even courteous enough to stay off their mobile devices while eating – well, after their father made a not-so-sly comment several months ago.


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