Wimmera Prostate Cancer Support Group gets the conversation rolling

Group leader Brian Nagorcka. Picture: DAINA OLIVER
Group leader Brian Nagorcka. Picture: DAINA OLIVER

WIMMERA men diagnosed with prostate cancer are not alone with the Wimmera Prostate Cancer Support Group there to offer support. 

Group leader Brian Nagorcka said there needed to be more discussion about prostate cancer.

“The women have got their act together in identifying breast cancer symptoms and raising awareness, but the men have nothing,” he said. 

“Up until the past 10 years you never heard the word prostate cancer and that needs to change.” 

Mr Nagorcka said that was where the Wimmera Prostate Cancer Support Group came in.

He said their hope was to help men diagnosed with prostate cancer. 

“When you are diagnosed there often isn’t any help around. We’re here to change that,” he said. 

“We can show men where to go, where help is available and share our experiences and what we have done.” 

Mr Nagorcka said the problem with prostate cancer was that the symptoms were not prominent. 

“It is hard to identify. When you start getting symptoms you’re almost too late,” he said. 

“There are a lot of men out there that think that this would never happen to them, but it can. 

“That is why people in the profession say that men over 50 need to get regular blood tests – that is how I picked mine up.” 

Mr Nagorcka said the group’s meetings were about providing information, but most importantly support.

“We have guest speakers, as well as men in our group talk about their journey and how they are travelling,” he said. 

“It is a support thing and it is so important to know that there are people there with you on the same journey.” 

Mr Nagorcka said the Wimmera Prostate Cancer Support Group meetings were on the fourth Wednesday of each month at the Horsham RSL. 

He said the group met for lunch at noon followed by the meeting at 1pm. 

Mr Nagorcka said people could call on 5382 1452 or 0448 710 628 for more information.