Emergency services find missing bushwalker Julio Ascui in the Grampians National Park


Missing Grampians man Julio Ascui, 50, has been taken to Stawell hospital.

Mr Ascui, also known as Lester, is in a relatively good condition despite being missing for five days in the Grampians National Park.

Mr Ascui was reportedly found by Parks Victoria staff sitting next to a creek which he drank from in order to survive.

"I was just coming to trek and I was lost for five days," he told reporters on Wednesday morning. "There's a little river, I came every morning to fill up my bottle."

Asked how he felt after being rescued, the 50-year-old said the moment was amazing. "I was really thirsty," he said.

His son Joshua Ascui told reporters he thought his father had died.

"There are no words that can describe how I'm feeling right now. I thought I knew what happiness was. I didn't know what happiness was until today. I'm just overwhelmed."

Joshua described his Chilean-born father as "the heart of the family".

"We've even got relatives overseas boarding flights as we speak on the way to come and help. Everyone just loves him."

Cousin Luis Ascui said he was "ecstatic".


EMERGENCY services have found missing Keilor Downs man Julio Ascui in the Grampians National Park.

Mr Ascui is believed to be in relatively good condition despite being missing since December 29.

A police spokesperson confirmed that the man had been found and that they were in the process of extracting him on Wednesday morning.

Police believe the 50-year-old, also known as Lester, left his home to go bushwalking at Halls Gap on December 29.

Mr Ascui’s family said on Tuesday they were keeping a positive attitude as their friends pitched in to help search bushland around Halls Gap.

Mr Ascui had not been in contact with his family since his last Facebook post on Friday.

Police and family members were concerned for Mr Ascui as his disappearance was out of character.

Mr Ascui’s four-wheeled drive was located by family members at a car park on the corner of Stoney Creek Road and Rosea Track in Halls Gap at 5pm on December 31.

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