Warracknabeal Harvest Day demonstrates old machines despite rain

TRACTOR enthusiasts from all over converged on Warracknabeal at the weekend for the town’s historical society’s annual Harvest Day on Saturday. 

Day co-ordinator Gordon Mills said the event featured mostly pre-1940s harvesters, headers and tractors.

“It was quite a successful day, despite a few spits of rain,” he said.

“We would get a machine out for a demonstration and then it would rain so we would knock off – then it would stop again and we had to repeat the process.”

Mr Mills said about 70 people attended the day.

He said people enjoyed seeing the old machines.

“We were quite happy with how it went,” he said.

“We had a few machines that were one-of-a-kind and we had some static displays as well.

“There was an old Gleaner header there that not many people would have seen because it was only made and used in South Australia.”

Mr Mills said the day was at the Wheatlands Agriculture Machinery Museum and people were able to look through the museum as well.

“All the displays in there are looking really good – we’ve cleaned them all up,” he said.