Wimmera Bowls Division report, February 14

Dimboola 1 finished their season on high with a 10-shot triumph over Horsham City 1. Rinks skipped by Cliff Unger and Peter O’Loughlin made up the 10-shot margin, with the other two rinks being one shot each way. Coughlin Park 1 had an 18-shot win over Kaniva 1 to keep Dimboola out of fourth spot. Aldo Leyonhjelm, Charlie Officer, Mick Ellis and Craig Decker (s) got up 32-12 in the game. Horsham Golf 1 also won their last game of the season, beating Coughlin Park 2 by 33 shots.

Danny Schmidt’s rink won by 24 shots for Golf. Sunnyside 1 travelled to Nhill 1 and went down by five shots in a tight contest. Each side won two rinks. This week’s second semi will be contested by Horsham City 1 and Sunnyside 1 at Coughlin Park, while Nhill 1 and Coughlin Park 1 will meet in the first semi at Sunnyside.

In Division 2, Goroke changed up their sides by promoting young bowlers to skipper. It seemed to work well as they had a 16-shot win over Horsham City 3. Natimuk tuned up for the finals, winning all four rinks in a 42 -shot victory over Dimboola 2. Nhill 2 also had a big win over Coughlin Park 3.

Three rink wins got them up by 38 shots. Sunnyside 2 won the battle against Sunnyside 3 by 30 shots. Nhill 2 and Sunnyside 2 finished the season on 161 points and will meet at Horsham City in the second semi on Saturday. The first semi will be between Horsham City 2 and Natimuk at Sunnyside.

In a Division 3 second semi preview, Nhill 2 could not overcome the home advantage of Horsham Golf 2 and went down by 35 shots. They will get a chance to turn the tables on Saturday at Horsham City. Sunnyside 4 kept hold of their spot in the four by defeating Kaniva 2 by 44 shots. Horsham City 4 had a 22 win over Edenhope and jumped into fourth on the ladder. City will now take on Sunnyside in the first semi-final at Coughlin Park.

Midweek finals started this week. Kaniva booked a grand final berth with a 16-shot win over Coughlin Park 1. Wilma Kidman, Linda Williams, Maree van Kempen and Janet Kuchel (s) had a 16-shot win. Kaniva’s Di Maddern and Coughlin Park’s Julianne Stehn each had 13-shot wins that cancelled each other out. Horsham City 1 will play Coughlin Park next week after their 19-shot win over Nhill. In an even team performance, City had handy wins on all rinks.

In Division 2, Serviceton continued its unbeaten season by defeating Natimuk by 37 shots and advancing to the grand final. Both rinks won well. Goroke will battle Natimuk after their 10-shot win over Sunnyside 2. Nadine Stacey, Pam Bonnici, Bev Mitchell and Joan Chaston (s) won 39-21 for Goroke. Both preliminary finals will be at Nhill on Monday.