Horsham's Buddy Drennan jailed for burglary, drugs

Buddy Drennan, 34, appeared in Horsham Magistrate’s Court on Monday
Buddy Drennan, 34, appeared in Horsham Magistrate’s Court on Monday

A HORSHAM man has been jailed for stealing alcohol and breaking into a Wimmera milk bar. 

Buddy Drennan, 34, appeared in Horsham Magistrate’s Court on Monday and pleaded guilty to charges including burglary, criminal damage and drug possession. 

The court heard that Drennan and a co-accused went to Horsham Liquorland on October 12 at 5.20pm.

Security cameras at the story captured Drennan tucking a 700-millimetre bottle of Jack Daniels into the top of his pants, under his jumper, and leaving the store without paying.

The alcohol was worth $53.

The next morning, Drennan went to the Dooen Road Milk Bar in Horsham at 4.13am.

Police prosecutor Senior Constable Matt Haughton said Drennan repeatedly hit the front door of the shop until a glass panel shattered.

He then entered the shop and tried to open the cigarette cabinet. When he couldn’t gain access to the cabinet, he left.

Senior Constable Haughton said Drennan caused damage worth $300 to the store’s door.

He said security cameras captured the incident and Drennan was wearing the same clothes as he had on when he was at Liquorland the day before.

The court heard that Drennan entered Liquorland again on November 14 and took a box of Crown Larger stubbies that were sitting on a pallet, waiting to be unpacked.

The alcohol was worth $48.

Drennan was also charged after he verbally abused a woman on January 20 at 5.30am.

The court heard Drennan attended the victim’s front yard and said he was going to kill her.

When he left the property, he damaged the victim’s letterbox, which was valued at $100.

In a separate incident in September, police attended Drennan’s property after reports of an argument and found 0.5 grams of cannabis in his pocket.

He told police he used cannabis to help him get off ice.

Defence solicitor Nick Graham said Drennan had made full admissions to police about his actions.

He said Drennan had also written a letter of apology to the woman he threatened, although he was unable to send it because of an intervention order.

He said most of Drennan’s offending happened when he was drug-affected.

“He recognises drugs are a problem for him – he started taking cannabis when he was 11 or 12 and started using ice from the age of 14,” Mr Graham said.

“He has a strong will and desire to improve his life and believes that if he attends to his drug issues, he will be able to become a worthwhile member of the community.”

Magistrate Mark Stratmann sentenced Drennan to 22 days in jail, which had already been served.

He also placed Drennan on a community corrections order.