Natimuk United's Jo Taylor back after serious knee injury

AFTER missing the A Grade season last year, Natimuk United’s Jo Taylor is back this season and enjoying her netball. 

She injured her anterior cruciate ligament and spent much of last season recovering. 

She said the serious knee injury was a shock to the system.

“You feel like you’re doing okay and then don’t really know what’s going on and find out it’s an ACL – you know it’s a long time out and a long recovery to try and get back into the game,” she said.

“I didn’t miss out on a full year and I worked really hard to recover to try and get movement back. I came back into B Grade last season, which was good to build confidence and strength again.”

Taylor is back playing in A Grade this season with players who know each other’s game inside out.

Many of the side’s players have been together for 15 years.

“It’s great, we all know each other’s game and play,” Taylor said.

“I guess playing with each other for so long has helped us have success. Everyone’s personality is pretty relaxed. We have a strong feeling of being a team and always listening to each other. Any suggestions are always taken on board.”

Taylor has always played in the defensive end of the court. 

She said her teammates make her job easy.

“It feels a bit easy for me because the girls put so much pressure on down the court,” she said.

“It makes the job as a keeper quite easy.”

The side has won two of the past three Horsham District A Grade grand finals, which Taylor said was a great reward.

“Winning the first grand final in 2015 was amazing,” she said.

“We worked so hard and had played together for so long and always playing in finals. To finally get the premiership was very memorable.”