Harrow-Balmoral defeats Noradjuha-Quantong by 33 points

A YOUNG Noradjuha-Quantong outfit piled plenty of pressure on the league benchmark in Harrow-Balmoral at the weekend, with the Southern Roos coming away with a hard-fought 33-point win. 

After a lacklustre opening term in which no goals were scored, Harrow-Balmoral opened up a 25-point lead at the main break. 

Despite the scoreline poised to get out of hand, the Bombers kept up their pressure for the four quarters to ensure the Southern Roos had to work for their win. 

Harrow-Balmoral coach Nick Pekin said it was a physical contest. 

“They certainly came to play and I think the mentality of some of our boys coming into the game was that it would be an easy win,” he said. “Full credit to the Bombers, they put us under immense pressure and didn’t let us play our game.”

The Southern Roos had six starting players out. Their lead could have been more as they finished the game with 19 behinds. 

Bombers coach Gareth Hose said his side’s pressure contributed to Harrow-Balmoral’s minor scores.

“We played out the four quarters pretty well and a lot of those points was due to our pressure,” he said.

“We had a focus to play a four-quarter effort. We have stopped in some games whereas on Saturday we really fought the last quarter out and didn’t allow the margin to get blown out. We are still learning and improving each week and take a lot out of this game.”