Yolande Grosser is in need of a hand ... or two | A Mum's World


I just got a splinter up my fingernail! 

My poor hands are taking a beating. 

The daily task of collecting a wheelbarrow load of wood, then carrying it into the house and feeding the burning fire all day has my hands covered in small burns, splinters and cuts. 

I do wear gloves a lot of the time, but sometimes in need of warmth I rush and neglect safety and comfort. 

Often I find myself looking at my knees wondering what the grainy specks or small white circles are, forgetting I’ve been playing Cinderella again, kneeling on the hearth.   

It seems a little unfair though, that I am now suffering the symptoms of hayfever as well as my winter woes, but it does give me hope that spring is coming. The imminent close of winter also explains the other ache in my left hand – I’ve been cutting out little circles for my badge making stand at Operation 19:14, which is always the last Sunday in August. 

I have a special sharp blade attached to a guide that means with correct placement on a sheet of scrapbooking paper, and just the right amount of pressure with my left hand, I can use my right hand to twirl it around and end up with the perfect little 58mm circle ready for a child to decorate. 

The amount of pressure required turns out to be quite a lot though, and after 1000 circles my hand is quite bruised and battered. 

Adding to those injuries are the two paper cuts I got opening mail with a little too much zeal. 

Having drained Horsham of all temporary tattoo supplies for my stand at our free family fun day, I moved farther afield and had some sent in the mail from Melbourne. 

So excited was I to see my emoji and mermaid skin transfers that I ripped open the package along with my finger. 

Now I just have to find a comfortable pair of scissors I can use to cut the sheets of 30 tattoos into individual items. 

Oh no, I just read in mum’s Women’s Weekly that a person’s age can be accurately predicted simply by viewing a photo of their hands.

Hide all cameras and someone get me a manicure!


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